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6 categories. Each entrant may submit ONE poem and ONE microfiction PER CATEGORY (separate submissions).

poems: 35 lines max (including line breaks) ; micro-fiction: 300 words max

Each entry requires its own submission; if more than one entry is provided on a single submission, only the first will be considered.

Be sure to read the official Skewies rules and regulations at https://audienceaskew.com/the-skewies/  

The Categories

Fornicate the Form

Keats, Frost, and Angelou are best known for their respective crafting and mastery of the form. Well, good-for-fucking-them. We want your weird, wild, and almost intelligible poetry for this category. Disregard the form or become the corporate sell-out your parents have always wanted you to be.

Eye Sweat

Yes, this is Phineas and Ferb reference. No, we do not want your fan-fiction. We are looking for work that taps into your repressed or otherwise-masked emotions. Sure, you can show us a tear, but blame it on the fluorescent lighting. Hold it to your chest, champ.

Horny Doggy

Are you horny? Write about it! Are you not horny? Do you have a headache again? Did I say something earlier? No, it looks nice. Well, I forgot! Am I not allowed to forg… actually, fuck it! I’m sleeping on the couch again. *clears throat* Sorry about that. Where were we? Oh, right. Send us your (preferably non-dog-related) smut.

Spooky (Not Dookie)

This one is fairly self-explanatory: send us your rejections from last October. Simple, right? Now, I know at least one of you is going to send a poop [“dookie”] related poem… Hilarious. 10/10. Original comedy. You will be hearing from our legal team.

Laugh Till I Cry

We want your mania here.

Bukowski But Funny

Are you drunk? Do you plan on drinking soon? Well, if you are, go down to your local public library, Google up Bukowski, and then send us your attempt at Clown Bukowski.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.